Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


A Time for Everything & for Everything a Time

LaFitterina: Are you an avid clock-watcher, like me? With a clock in every room of the house? Do you ever notice that certain times of the day seem to be sending you a ‘signal’?

For example, wake-up time: Any earlier than 7:30 AM signals that I may not have gotten enough sleep, any later than 8:15 AM signals that I’m a slug.


Mid-morning: When the clock reads anything before 10 AM, I’m happy and think ‘oh goody, it’s still early.’ After 10 AM, I get the feeling that the day is fast slipping away, and I’m running out of time as far as getting stuff done. 11:30 AM signals that I should be at the gym, and there’s a ‘not good’ feeling if I don’t meet that commitment.


Late-afternoon: The timeframe of 4 PM – 5 PM signals a tricky transition for me, when I go from feeling that ‘today holds the promise of accomplishments of all sorts’ to a feeling of ‘thank goodness I got through another day without anything bad happening.’ 5 PM also signals that I can start relaxing and let my mind become occupied with thoughts of eating dinner and watching TV.


Don’t know if any of this resonates with you — I promise that next week I’ll try to stick to Inspiration/Perspiration rather than Introspection.

Live in the Present Moment

Ms. Bockle: I’ve got a thought from a book I’ve been reading–that isn’t all that new and insightful but worth pondering again–so here’s a paraphrase.

If you keep looking down the long road ahead, the journey might be so daunting that you hesitate to even get started. Don’t focus on the end, but take one step at a time, live in the moments of present progress–empowering yourself to carry on, gaining new strength along the way.

As I said: it’s not all that mind-blowing of a discovery, hey? It’s just what I needed to get through the very long day yesterday…and perhaps something to remember in the days ahead.

Thanks, Mr Aurelius

Mizzfit: Do y’all ever read that magazine Psychology Today? I paged through one of last year’s issues and it was filled with tidbits that made me go, hmmmm–interesting. To go along with this week’s thoughts on trying something new, changing our workout habits, I thought a quote from a long-dead dude would be apt:


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