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Here’s to Staying Positive

LaFitterina: I asked a friend from my Gym to tell me what gets her going and keeps her inspired, and here’s her contribution to our Friday melange — Thanks Tracy!

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Keeping a positive attitude is key for me, as I struggle with Chronic Migraines. When I am either making a food selection or getting ready to exercise, I try to remember the following:


To keep myself moving, positive momentum and not perfection is my method of choice as of late. Some days this simply means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or an extra walk for the dog. Other days, when I am feeling good, this means extra gym time. Either way, I am enjoying the journey/process, rather than staying focused on a goal. (Goals can also very meaningful, but I am not focused on one right now.)


Regarding this week’s theme of how much we love the water, I’d also like to mention that I’m lucky to live near water and wake up to a view of the bay. And, one of the most meaningful vacations for me was a trip to Bimini (a small island in the Bahamas) where I was able to swim in the open water with dolphins. It is a wonderful feeling to have a sense of calm, excitement, and positive energy all at once.

The Need for Companionship

Ms. Bockle: I had a great workout for about 6 hours on Wednesday — doing housework. Was actually puffing and panting away after giving the kitchen cupboards a good rubbing down with furniture polish: good for an upper body workout, right?


As to the other days of the week, it was difficult–if not impossible–to get motivated to work up a sweat, or even an elevated heart rate. So, I called a couple friends, one of whom I hadn’t spoken to in months–and those conversations put me back on an even keel. I’m guessing that my need for companionship–with people, (and not the cat I’m looking after)–is as great as my need to be in and around water, and also helps me get back to my natural rhythms. Life seems to be such a balancing act.

This Summer, I Dare You…

Mizzfit: After a week of lovely reminiscing about our fully awesome water-themed holidays I thought I’d share some classic summer vacation fails via YouTube. It’s a few years old, but I think you’ll find human nature and dare-doing doesn’t change, so, enjoy!

P.S. A cautionary note: there is some swearing and quite a few painful moments of humans coming into contact with unmoving objects, so click on play with that in mind…

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