Small Solutions for Modern Problems

On a quiet morning it’s easy to forget that there are 7 billion people and counting also going about their day.  So, for this week in honor of our overcrowded planet, we’re asking ourselves what are some modern problems that really irk us, and do we have any solutions to fix them.

Wagon_trainBack in the day when opportunities in one place were hard to come by, whole families would pull up stakes and move to greener pastures. This is obviously still being done, but nowadays it seems the family fractures into separate groups who spread out all over the globe. Each person working hard to survive, but not having a family base to come back to. There is no easy solution for this problem as the economy at this time doesn’t seem strong enough to support dreams of every family reuniting. All we can do is hope for a time when we can all meet up again.

tchotchkeI’d have to say in these modern times it’s too easy to accumulate closet and shelves full of tchotchkes that pile up and eventually cause us to wonder if we’re heading towards hoarder territory. It’s a pretty easy fix, simply hold a garage sale and let some other peeps buy them, right? But it would be awesome if factories stopped churning out all that junk, c’mon let’s start a petition!

chargersI’ve had to drive a fair bit more these past weeks then I normally do, and being stuck in traffic makes me wonder if that dude who invented the wheel really thought about the impact his invention would have on the world. With over one billion vehicles on the road, and 11,194,445 miles of paved road and 85.27 million gallons of fuel used every day — I need to hop in my time traversoscope and show that inventor a picture of the madhouse his wheel has created, and ask him to come up with another idea, maybe wings?

kitkatOne thing that makes this modern living more palatable is having a pet by your side. So if your place can accommodate one, and you know which type best suits your allergy-ridden self, I’d say hop over to your local humane society and bring a furry friend home.


victorygardenIf you’re as sick of tasteless veggies as I am then you’ll soon be joining the swelling ranks of backyard organic produce growing folks. This is definitely a modern problem with fruit and veggies having to travel an average of 1500 miles to reach your grocery. So take your cue from all the women who planted Victory Gardens during World War 2 to provide for their families and communities. And yes, it takes time, effort and some cash to start your own veggie garden but it’s worth it to be able to pull your dinner from out of  your backyard. Tastes a lot better too.



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