Learning How to Airbrush

Come Springtime, I’d like to learn how to apply glaze to ceramics using airbrushing techniques. This is something that I’ve been meaning to learn for awhile now.

Back in 2013, I was given 2 different airbrush tools by an instructor who was clearing out old clutter from the school’s storage room — i.e., stuff left behind years ago by former students. One is a compressor airbrush.


The other is an AirPen with a pump.


I’ve never had the nerve to do anything with this equipment, despite the fact that these goodies, and all the accessories that were included, are worth several hundred dollars.

Neither machine appears to have been used — perhaps the former owners were as intimidated as me. I’m fearful of many bad outcomes: 1) I’ll get all the pieces and parts assembled and ready to apply the glaze, and when I plug them in nothing happens; 2) the darn contraptions will be impossibly difficult to use; 3) assuming I get everything to work, the results will be disastrous — not at all artistic or appealing; 4) I’ll lose interest long before I grasp how best to use these tools.

On the plus side, both tools are accompanied by instructions, and there are online videos. There’s really nothing to prevent me from finally learning to be a master at airbrushing. And Spring 2016 seems like the ideal time to make this happen.

[Img.Src: Applecore AirBrush, AirPen]

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