Trust Your Gut

I have given this advice time and time again – trust your gut. Chances are your first instinct or your intuition about something is right. It is like your own personal navigation system. Sometimes I follow my own advice, sometimes, well, you know…

2016 has brought this lesson to my full attention. My intuition is strong. I am usually a good judge in character and can tell if someone has a strong moral compass. Sometimes my alert signal sounds strong. This was confirmed again for me last week. I am so grateful to have that confirmation, again, that my instincts were right.


So what does this really mean and how can you put it into practice? The reality is first impressions matter. When I first meet someone I am relying on my feelings and considering:

  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Can I respect you?
  • Will you respect me?

Depending on my reaction to the answers, I may or may not want to continue the conversation or relationship. This can be a tough decision in some cases. I have been in situations where I have pursued a relationship knowing that we might not always have the same views. Sometimes these types of relationships can work; as they are productive (both parties can respectfully understand each other’s view). Other times the relationship might crash and burn, hence the questions about respect.

Whatever decision you are faced with today, activate your navigation system – your gut. It will steer you in the right direction.

[Img.Src: Harmonic Laws of the Universe, 1878]

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