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Bullet-Proof Abs

LaFitterina: The other day, I happened to mention to a friend about my recent obsession with working out my abs. My friend told me that he’d heard about a body-builder type guy who had been shot in the stomach and survived, and the emergency room docs said that his super-strong abdominal muscles saved his life.


So then I Googled “Bullet-Proof Abs” and I found many articles and even a book by that name! Also, I ran across an article citing an incident in which a guy who was named Fat Pete had been shot and his FAT saved his life.

But, really, any sort of reliable evidence that either huge muscles or massive fat can stop a bullet seems to be lacking. Apparently, survival is all about the caliber and speed of the bullet, entry-point, trajectory, and a whole lot of luck.

After mulling over the facts and fiction, the best advice I can give you would be to keep working out (including by all means your stomach muscles) and avoid putting yourself in situations where you might get shot at. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ms. Bockle: I just read a very upbeat, scientific article citing the reasons for smiling. Seems quite superficial—and maybe a bit on the cheesy side, right?

Cheese and fakery aside, it seems that the brain can be tricked into having a more positive outlook on life if we have a smile on our dial—whether concocted or sincere. It’s to our advantage if we can learn some tricks to control our minds into being instruments for our good, as opposed to leading us into downward spirals of ever-increasing greys, correct?


Let’s look at what a smile can do:

  • influence others around to smile with you.
  • even when forced can generate a good feeling.
  • makes you more creative, and improves your ability to think of solutions much more than negativity.
  • boosts productivity and releases tension.
  • creates overall sense of balance.
  • reduces the rigidity of our cells—thus reducing the risk of stress-induced problems.
  • gains people’s trust.

Our brain is naturally inclined to think in negative terms as a defense mechanism. The habitual habit of smiling helps the mind to move to a more positive sphere. Our facial expressions communicate our mood, and they also have the ability to influence it. If we’re ‘down-in-the-mouth’, the downer emotion will follow.

So! Enhance the positive, suppress the negative with a happy facial expression in order to control the brain to lean toward upbeat optimism—or at least a feeling of confidence to face daily challenges with a light heart.

Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Bradbury

Mizzfit: I like to remember this Ray Bradbury quote when things aren’t going to plan and improvisation is required in order to keep a level head. Cheers to a happy weekend!


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