Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Good-bye, Mz. Repetition

Mizzfit: Yesterday I finally found book rings that would fit all the pages of my 100 days’ endeavour, and so bound it all up and called it finished. When I read all the day’s notes in one go, one word sprung to mind – repetition. I don’t know if your life is like that where so many days resemble each other, but it made me a little sad to see that so many hours contained so many repetitious events. Am I inspired to add some zest to my days? I am. And I’m hoping more opportunities arrive this autumn to see repetition fall by the wayside.



Leaving the Doldrums

Ms. Bockle: I started listening to my iPod when cleaning house yesterday, and it just so happened to start off with an Imagine Dragon’s song that I bought the other day—-‘On top of the World’ and it just lifted me up, got me moving, brightened up my attitude, I started bouncing along while changing sheets, etc. Had to hit the play it again button. It’s motivation for when you need to get up out of the doldrums, I do think it works.

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