Bring On the Fun

We’re going to be talking about FUN all week, so let’s just see what good ole Oxford has to say fun is, shall we? According to the OED fun is: lively, joyous play or playfulness; amusement, sport, recreation, merriment, and pleasure. Those are good words and we all need hefty doses of fun to make life a smidgen better.

fun_jessica_hagyWhat if I were to ask you to tell me when was the last time you had fun, how long would it take to come up with an answer? Is fun more illusive as an adult? I tried to come up with my answer but kept hitting the brick wall of: can that be defined as fun & was it fun enough?? I think that along with fun comes a little bit of the ridiculous – and one has to not care what other people think of you having joyous playtimes.


So, for me, fun is all about the little things – having just the right song bring on a smile as I’m running uphill; being in the middle of an art project and realizing what I thought was a mistake is going to make the piece a hundred times better – funtimes, man. Oh yeah, anytime at the beach is a fun time, even when there are naked people! So, I ask you, dear reader – to find some fun today, and embrace the heck out of it, wrap your good self in playfulness and gather pleasure from life. I’ll do the same.


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