Life As An Elusive Goal

Sometimes my whole life has been an elusive goal. Or, as Lemony Snicket writes: “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

I intend, aim, want, and desire to achieve a myriad number of things, including curtailing my tendency:

to use sarcasm to make a point
to react thoughtlessly when provoked
to talk instead of shutting my mouth
to eat (and drink) instead of shutting my mouth
to skip exercising when tired

I’d like to organize my garden, get ahead of the weeds, plant items that are drought-resistant—and edible—while also tolerating shady conditions. That’s been a two year (elusive) goal for various reasons—heat and dry spells being contributing factors, with the only precipitation occurring at the end of my nose.


Putting aside all meandering reasons why not, I’ve recently set a sight for myself to walk more miles. I’m aiming to add 2 miles to my usual 3 miles each week, so that by the middle of May I can complete at least 8, 10, or even more. And of course, during the weeks ahead, you’ll never hear me moaning about arthritic bones, bunions, callouses, lower back, hip, or knee pain—or sleep deprivation.

The only way I can have any hope of achieving my long distance walking goal is to concentrate on the colours of sunsets, sunrises, sights and smells of spring flowers, swirling clouds, views of Mt. Diablo, laughter, smiles, oak trees, and my amazing ability to remain vertical after a 12 hour day.

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