Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


It’s Not About How You Do It, But How You Feel It

LaFitterina: Yesterday I took a new class which my club just started offering, called Danceation, and I felt the same eurphoria that I experienced with my first Jazzercise class more than 3+ decades ago.

It’s hard to believe that I’d be excited with yet another kind of class after all these years — like, how different could it be? Well, Danceation offered a perfect combination of amazing choreography, fantastic up-beat music, and talented enthusiastic instructor (Becca), making for a uniquely new exercise experience. My feet, legs, arms, torso all seemed to know exactly how to do the moves — everything felt ‘right’. This is definitely my new favorite class.


It’s a good feeling to be heading into the weekend feeling elated with my workout prospects — Hope you, too, are planning to do some working out that makes you feel wonderful.

Jammin’ With The Four Tops

Ms. Bockle: I’m sharing one of my favorite songs from The Four Tops, singing Reach Out, I’ll Be There (1966), check out those suits and synchronized moves – enjoy!

Another Video, Whoop Whoop

Mizzfit: One immediate effect of writing about having a music-free life these days was to have St. Swartz send me a link to her favorite video from Playing for Change, and POP, there went the silence bubble — music was back. Maybe it also had something to do with the Full Moon? I’ve enjoyed choosing what to listen to on my iPod, and will be headed to the library to see what new tunes I can randomly find. Cheers to a fun music-filled weekend, and for being the good changeable humans we are, sheesh!

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