Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Kick Those Bad Habits

Ms. Bockle: The bad habits that keep me from exercising consistently are in my head. I was thinking about this the other day–and came to the conclusion that it’s the ups and downs, see-sawing mood swings of my emotions that dictate whether I do a work out of any sort.


So, which habit should I kick in order to keep my state of mind from controlling the sad state of my body? Keep negative thoughts at bay; focus on gratitude for blessings, friends, family, beauty, health–and all things positive.

I could create a long list of what constitutes negativity of the mind and spirit–things that diminish my mental and physical energy, but that would be a real downer. And I’ve got to break that bad habit so that I can make it to the gym this afternoon.

Bring It On, El Nino

FitnessFlirter: Here in California El Nino has brought us rain. With the rain we have also seen issues like cliff erosion and flooding, but for the most part we are grateful. On the East Coast they have had snow storms which for most have led to binge watching the latest series or hanging out with family. However, there is one trend that has popped up with the snow worth a share – swimmers diving into the snow. Some of the videos are worthy of a LOL.

Our 15 Day Challenge

Mizzfit: In case you missed the sidebar notification – our very first 15 Day Challenge from the 31 Jan – 14 Feb starts in just two days! It’s a challenge to test the body’s momentum and strength, with simple exercises using just you & your muscles & brain. Please take a look at the info and see if it’s something you’d like to try. Cheers to a good weekend and a fun kickoff to our challenge on Sunday!


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