How to Beat the Summer Heat

I do love summer, but I don’t dig humidity. Give me dry hot summers. I have already mentioned sometime ago that I sweat, a lot. When working out outside I want the sweat to do what it’s supposed to…cool a body down. In this muggy clime sweat just makes a person hot and wet. Dizzzgusting. To avoid the high temps I head out as early as possible. It’s not a novel idea as there are always quite a few runners, walkers and cyclists out.


I like to be out in the early morning anyway so it’s no schlep to get up to beat the heat. I dig catching a sunrise and seeing what’s out and about before the big hustle and bustle begins. If I’m caught out in the heat with the sun cranking out it’s worst on my head and face, it’s all I can do to keep going. I’ll head to the shadier side of the street, if there is a sprinkler going- I’m going through it, if there is a rain cloud- I’m praying it’ll loosen up. And next time- well I’ll plan for there not being a next time I get caught out baking while exercising.

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