Fun Dominates the Itinerary

The month of June marks the start of Vacation Season. People are already starting to ask about my vacation plans, and I totally dread this “conversation starter” which crops up every year. So I’m writing today’s post as a script for responding to/deflecting such inquiries. You’ll note that all of these plans are nothing but Stay-Cations (I’m wishing I could think of a more glamorous term for spending time in the glorious San Francisco Bay Area).

First off, I’m planning to do a San Francisco Walking Tour — Along the Embarcadero from AT&T Park to Fisherman’s Wharf. Also (if not too pooped) walking up and down hills and climbing up and down the City’s staircases.

2nd, I’m planning to take in some Culture at a few of the Bay Area Museums that I’ve neglected — Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, the newly expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, and di Rosa in Napa where a friend of mine volunteers as a tour guide.

3rd, I’m planning to get back into Geocaching which is always a fun way to explore wilderness areas and seek out boxes of “treasure” which have been stashed in clever hiding places.

4th, I’d like to go see a Giants game this season, a day game with seats located in the shade — preferably situated under the overhang (we all know how skin-damaging it would be to sit in the sun for 4 hours — that’s like vacationing in Hell).


5th, in lieu of citing any get-aways this summer, I should merely point out that my homebase seems better than any vacation destination. I‘ve been trying to evoke a hotel-like atmosphere in my house. I must admit, however, that my desired carefree lifestyle is somewhat marred by my endless TO-DO list of chores. But, I can always escape to my resort-like gym, located only 10-minutes downhill from my house and offering every amenity I could wish for.


Truly, my life is an endless day-to-day vacation, and FUN predominates the itinerary.

[Img.Src: San Francisco Map, 1875]

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