Return to Happy Joyous Feelings

There are rare days when I seem to be headed for the blahs, with deep sighing and heavy shoulders, as if my spirit is mysteriously being sucked out of me and my enthusiasm is being crushed. It’s good to be able to recognize this as an aberration, not my normal self.

In my head, I try to remind myself that the blahs are just a temporary situation, and that the best course would be to put myself into analytical mode. I try to identify what might be causing this feeling of despair? Sometimes a seemingly trivial task looms before me as an onerous obstacle, putting me in a funk.


Then, I try to imagine ways to accelerate my return to feeling happy, joyous, and free. Take a few cleansing breaths. And get myself into work-mode — the best approach is to simply tackle whatever stupid thing is hanging over my head like a cloud. A burst of energy, focus, concerted effort, and before long the task is done — not nearly so onerous as I was imagining it would be. Followed by a blissful sense of accomplishment and the realization that I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my labor for days to come.

If my funk seems to have a non-specific origin, then it usually works to try some basic techniques for lifting the spirits, such as:

  • Smiling, kindness, hugs
  • Exercise
  • Any kind of shopping therapy

Something that makes me especially joyous these days is that I get to contribute to MoveGirlGO and communicate with people like YOU. Thanks for sharing our joy.

[Img.Src: Helen Twelvetrees, 1936]

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