The One, The Only – Sweat

Being the last to go on this week’s assignment you would think I would have been able to come up with something more than what bothers me when working out my body. Alas, I just have the one- sweat.

I suppose over the years I’ve learned what suits me best and now all I have to complain about is my sweaty self. I know that I hate to work out in a gym or run on a treadmill. I’m not über competitive so cross fit was a nonstarter. Doing workouts in front of the tv will only work- nah, hate that too. So I go to an amazing yoga studio here on the island and I run around MCBH and Kailua, and I feel as though I win every time I show up.

yoga_pose1What bothers me is me. I sweat. I feel like I am the sweatiest girl yogering or running. I detest it when I’m in ardha chandrasana and the sweat is dripping off my nose onto the floor. I have to wipe off my arms so that my legs/knees don’t slip off my arms in arm balance poses. I have a fancy mat but I manage to slip if I don’t wipe up as I asana.

yoga_pose2At first I would actually get a little embarrassed about my sogginess, but now I tell myself- you are working hard- and I was able to let that awareness go. I’ve even tried not drinking as much water before class, but, not much of a change to warrant going thirsty. I’ve been invited to try hot yoga studios- no ways, that sounds terrible.

I’m sure once I’m off this tropical island and suffering through harsh winters I’ll welcome getting hot and sweaty, but right now I’m gonna bitch about being the soggiest girl in class.


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