Controlling All the Scents

Humans like to be in charge of just about every aspect of their lives—and controlling the scents that assault the nostrils is no exception. I myself am no exception to the universal need to ‘smell good’, and if I’m not mindful of my personal aroma, and, for example, forget to apply deodorant, my pits will provide whiffs from an unpleasant concoction of scents.

Besides being drawn to certain scents, I used to go for ones with catchy names, like Chance, Escape, and Light Blue. However, recently I’ve become intrigued by essential oils—nature’s way of providing pleasing odors—and the combination of oils that could have needful consequences.


A quote from promises: ‘Young living wellness solutions empower you to energize your life and reclaim your natural radiance.’ wow.

If you visit, you’ll find recipes, as well as knowledge about which essential oils goes with which mood enhancer. Important to know that if you’re in need of energizing, don’t go sniffing chamomile.

Here’s a short list matching up the mood with the enhancer:

energizing — peppermint

relaxing — lavender, chamomile

purifying (fighting negativity) — tea tree, eucalyptus

balance/coping — geranium, sage, rose absolute

quiet mind/meditation — sandalwood

Visit to find recipes from mouthwash to shoe deodorizers.

But wait, what about my habitat? Well, I don’t go for air freshener sprays, but I do enjoy soaps with a lavender scent, sandalwood candles, and incense. When laundered, I prefer my towels and sheets to smell like towels and sheets, and not some chemicals diffused by a fabric softener. They hang on the clothes line and get a boost from airing in the California sunshine. After laundering they get stored in drawers infused with the scent of lavender—my go-to scent for anything requiring deep breathing and peace.

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