Mizzfit’s Bad Habits in 2017

Raise your hands if you think this year has already slipped into hyperdrive mode. Yep, that’s a lot of hands in the air. And, keep them up if somehow your to-do list has already gotten out of control. Uhm-hmm, don’t worry, there are more than a few of us with our hands still up. So, this week we’re sharing those bad habits that interfere with us doing our best, as well as keeping us from living our best day.

Mizzfit’s Bad Habit Número uno. Laziness.
It’s a hard one to admit to, cause no one wants to be thought of as slacking off on the daily. Laziness is defined as being unwilling to use energy or do the work needed. And it applies to large and small tasks. I call laziness the big brother of procrastination, and the downfall of any to-do list.

To combat laziness of the brain or body, here comes self-discipline to the rescue. Never wake up without it. And, when I find where self-discipline is stock-piled, y’all are on my speed dial list.

Mizzfit’s Bad Habit Número Dos. Being Self-Centered.
Not sure my fingers wanted to type up that bad habit. The world revolves around me, yes? Yes. Uh. NO. But, yes, surely everyone is as preoccupied with my life as I am, right? Uh. Heck No. And how does this bad habit interfere with creating a best day? Well, when I go out into the world angling to fulfill every whim, I have blinders on to anyone else’s needs. And that makes for a rather gray & shallow day.

To combat this bad habit: I read the news, I pray for those who are suffering, I practice listening better, and I try to be mindful of life’s small pleasures. Also, use less I. Noted.

It’s hard to own up to our worst habits, we’re too busy pretending we can handle anything life throws our way – and that’s obviously not true. Sure, these habits can feel impossible to change, they’re so entrenched. But, I’m working with the theory that every little positive action counts. And, have a good habit to swap out with that bad habit. I’ll let you know how it goes. Mizzfit out.

[Img.Src: Laziness, 1825. Self-Centered, 1915.]

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