Amongst the Towering Trees

Generally, I don’t count walking as exercise. But, hiking in a woodsy setting definitely counts. Until it closed last year, I regularly hiked at StillHeart Retreat Center with my #1 companion, Scott. The geography of the land was rugged and rustic, winding down and around through the forest, along a creek, spanning 16 acres of loveliness, with multiple creature-sightings. There was a seemingly endless array of incredible soaring Giant Redwood trees that towered over us, creating a canopy.


The trail included various points of interest (installed and groomed via human intervention but nevertheless wondrous) — prayer flags, statues of Buddha, yoga platform, and areas set up for meditation or contemplation.


After vigorous hiking, exploring and taking in all the spiritual elements in the woods, the final bonus was a long soak in the fantastic hot tub with a view of yet more towering trees!



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