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Keeping Correspondence Up-to-Date

LaFitterina: I’ve been going through all the cards and letters that I’ve been saving since the 1960’s(!), with an eye to tossing out as much as possible. I want to minimize any regrets about the big purge, and therefore I feel an obligation to read through everything one more time — otherwise, what was the point of shlepping it with me through a multitude of moves?


Anyway, here are a few sage tidbits that I extracted, worthy of recording in MoveGirlGO:

Halloween Card: “Itty-bitty” candy bars do not make for an “itty-bitty” butt

Cartoon sent by Mom: If you can’t do without the snacks between meals, try eliminating the meals between snacks.

Quote from Dad: It’s always wise to exercise.

Card from my Niece: Life is one big stupid dieting marathon.

Birthday Card: A waist is a terrible thing to mind. Bring on the cake!

Dreaming of Earth

Mizzfit: While dealing with a cold that has now lodged in my lungs I’ve had a bit of down time – which can get boring super quick, but thanks to YouTube and its creative content creators I’ve been entertained while hacking out coughs. From learning how to apply the perfect watercolor wash to seeing astronauts on the Space Station, there’s a little bit of everything. So, here for your enjoyment, hopefully!, is a video from the Royal Institution who create videos to help peeps think more deeply about science — this one’s about the dreams of Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman. Cheers to a healthy weekend.

[Img.Src: Christmas Postcard, 1915]

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