A Few Bold Qualities


If you are BOLD, you are:

  • Not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff: courageous, daring—heedless of the consequences
  • Not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward, impudent
  • beyond the limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative
  • striking or conspicuous to the eye: flashy/showy
  • adventurous, intrepid, dauntless


If you’re not BOLD, then you might be:

  • timid
  • modest
  • shy
  • introverted

I have been BOLD in situations when I’ve joined new groups, petitioned for open spaces, found new dwelling spaces, or tried to redefine the perimeters of my existence.

I would have been BOLD if I’d told my neighbours that their sound system wasn’t just bothering me, but was an infringement on the peace of the whole neighbourhood.

I could be BOLD and decide to seek out ways to earn my keep through my art.

Aside from all that, and being mindful of the definitions, I will be BOLD in:

  • acquiring new skills
  • joining environmental clean-up groups
  • getting a new, healthy body
  • finding ways to meet people in my community
  • looking for a new style of clothing
  • breaking chains of monotony (which would be encompassed with all of the above and below)
  • seeking out ways to earn 100% of my keep through my art

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