Is it Excitement?

Excitement is a feeling I find difficult to label. Is it excitement I feel when we get a parcel in the mail from Amazon containing American peanut butter and dryer sheets? The lack of good peanut butter in our pantry is no trifling matter. Compare that excitement to the feeling I had waiting in a big hanger for the plane carrying my husband home from a long deployment. I would get excited when my boys came home from school every afternoon. Maybe I’m easily excited- maybe I’m mislabeling the emotion altogether.


What’s truly sigh worthy is that feeling of excitement and anticipation only to be met with disappointment, have an anticlimactic result to an event, new dish, travel destination, new hair cut, your team losing, shoo, there are so many ways in which excitement can get you nowheres. Yet, I will still get spun up, and worked into a tizzy, unable to sleep with excitement when I know I’ll be seeing my boys again, I’ll still be gleeful and enthusiastic over any parcel that arrives in the mail, I’ll look forward to getting my hairs cut into a new style with great anticipation, and I’ll probably be disappointed and let down but hopefully we’ll all have more successes than buggared up bangs.

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