In Pursuit of Simple Pleasures

It gives me great pleasure to start listing pursuits that give me pleasure. Course, simplicity is relative—what may be simple for me might be complex, tedious and total mayhem for you.

1. —  I get simple pleasure from putting arrows in front of phrases or sentences when I’m writing to my friends and family; I get jollies from a tool on my computer that satisfies this need.

2.  —  I recently acquired some silicone based muffin-tin liners: Use instead of the paper variety. They are fantastic and colourful, and can be popped into the dishwasher. I get jollies from being eco-friendly.


3.  —  A feral cat discovered some great logs in my desert garden. After photographing said cat, I decided to get up close and personal by giving it food and water. Now, when I’m bringing it the morning meal, it slinks ever so slowly to the bowl of nibbles. I get my rocks off by talking to it and seeing it glare at me with half-closed eyes.


4.  —  I have the pleasure of driving home in the dark on many days, and here are two simple pleasures connected with the journey: speeding past slow traffic in my pursuit to get home in record time. Viewing the myriad lights on the oil refinery that is close to my home: for me, it’s a dazzling display of festive brilliance, and gives Martinez a unique skyline.

5.  —  Thinking of myself as some kind of stand-up comedian, I really do enjoy making children laugh when I’m substitute teaching: The laughter of children fills my void.

6.  —  Finding new trails gives me a feeling of adventure. Even though the trail has already been discovered, and even paved, I still think I’ve accomplished something by googling, scribing down directions, driving, parking and walking said new trail. Yeah, I coulda been a pioneer!

7.  —  And speaking of walking new trails, I also acquire great satisfaction in taking photographs of sights that please my eye as I traverse new and old trails.

8.  —  Dancing, in no matter what capacity. I could be gardening, walking, day dreaming: when a song comes on whose beat reaches into my heart, I have to move!

9.  —  Cooking and baking enough so that when I get home late I don’t have to go through the whole cooking routine again, but just warm up a dinner and chill while watching a dvd.

10.  —  Speaking of cooking: Going through new and old recipes: recalling memories of meals that have given me pleasure to prepare, and joy to share, in anticipation of repeating the experience.

11.  —  Whoopsie, was that #10? My bad. You’ve heard of a baker’s dozen, right? How about one after the decade? My list just won’t be complete without the mention of my simple pleasure of using as many senses as I can at any one moment. My eyes seeing colours, my ears hearing music, my nose smelling fresh scents, my hands feeling texture, my tongue tasting a tart apple: all in a moment of time, all in a sudden realization of living life to the nth degree.

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