Cheers to an Awesome Workout

awesome_workoutThis week’s topic came at a great time, as this week started out with an awesome workout. The reason it all came together was because I kept reminding myself of pointers I learnt last week at the gym—mostly to do with posture. The term was ‘shoulder retraction’, and I was given exercises to do at home in front of the mirror.

Another exercise sounds simple enough: standing on one foot, with the other leg elevated, the knee at 90 degrees—for as long as possible. Then the other foot—and this needs to be done in front of the mirror as well, since I sort of keel to one side trying to keep my balance.

lifting_weights_mirrorSo, I took the different exercises I learned and put them together with my at-home yoga and weights routine. When I was lifting the weights, I remembered which positions to hold my wrists and elbows; during yoga I held the positions longer.

When my workout was over I felt more confident—and went out into the garden to attack the voracious ivy and hard-packed earth. Hours later and even into the next day I didn’t have tweaks and twinges in any of my joints or back—due to getting stronger and fitter.

I still have to remind myself while sitting, standing, walking—keep those shoulders retracted; thrust out that chest.

There are some long term goals here: to reform my body so that I can be a voluptuous hottie. Just kidding. Actually, my body does require some re-shaping, toning and honing—and with my mind properly geared for some hard work, for struggles with commitment and motivation—I’ll not only get into better shape, but be healthier, stronger and pain free. Maybe a source of inspiration for myself?


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