Boots Made for Being Bold

Moving back to conus from Hawaii I have had to become reacquainted with footwear geared for serious weather. I searched the internets far and wide for a pair of boots. I needed something good in snow, ice and rain. My search didn’t yield pleasing results. Everything began to look rather banal. Frustrated I went down a road I’ve never travelled… Cowgirl boots. No fan of country music, country life, country air (smells like pigs and grain) I felt like western wear was not in my purview. Well, let me tell you, the footwear of the cowboy and cowgirl is truly something to behold.


Shopping online for cowgirl boots was thrilling- there are so many choices- styles, colours, and brands. My husband got into the search and was bit by the boot fever. I found the flavor I wanted and researched the maker- an Italian boot maker relocated to Texas. We (I say we, because this became a joint venture) settled on a pair, found them on sale and had them shipped.

Pretty sure they give me super powers, I could rope a steer in these boots. (Whatever roping a steer is) They are the boldest shoe choice I have ever made and I absolutely love them.

[Img.Src: Lucchese Boots, Cowgirls & Cowboy]

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