My running year in review

This week we’re tallying up our exercising numbers and evaluating the results – call it a yearly review of our athletic performance. Why is it necessary to evaluate ourselves? What is the significance of the total numbers I’ve run every month? How much higher do I value a larger numbered month compared to a month with a rather dismal showing? Well, my peeps, it puts the truth bare before me, and I’m able to contemplate the past year without any excuses at hand.


I’ve run every month of 2014 – much better than last year, where there was a black hole in the spring, hard to recover from that vacuum… And that makes me wonder about spring because my numbers this year were low for those months – must be something in the air? My finest month happens to coincide with the starting of MoveGirlGO, with the best numbers and attitude. The start of a new adventure spurred me on to more consecutive runs. Thanks, y’all! My last sad month was August, 31 days I’ve never been fond of — it’s the month where in the past I’ve cut off all my hair myself—twice, been cheated on and summarily dumped, I was gonna list more but that nonsense can stay locked up. Suffice it to say the eighth month can lump it, and I’m happy I ran at all.


What I’ve learned is that I need to inject more fun into my months, schedule some races so I have running goals, anxiety be damned. When next I tally up my running totals I want there to be more than just numbers plotted on a graph – I want accomplished events and mileages noted there too. I look at my sad months and I can’t remember my excuses, all I see is a number that doesn’t make me happy. Going forward, it’ll be me slaying excuses, no holds barred.

[Img.Src: Woman Training, Woman on Beach]

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