3 Important Goals for January


I’m in the process of finishing up my extensive list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, but meanwhile I’ve set some short-term goals for January which will be helpful in keeping 3 important resolutions.

1st January Goal: Add 10 minutes to workouts to focus on abs.
Related New Year’s Resolution: Work out 6 days/week, strive for 10 hours/week.
I was recently inspired to focus on abs when a friend quoted a ‘celebrity trainer’ as saying that anyone can get a 6-pack if they spend 30 minutes a day working their abs. Certainly, 30 minutes would be unrealistic for me, but non-stop abdominal exercises for 10 minutes is quite doable and almost fun. And, a strong core is important, so devoting an additional 10 minutes is a no-brainer. I’m stoked about starting to see some more definition when I look in the mirror.

2nd January Goal: Conduct a thorough winter clean-up of my house.
Related New Year’s Resolution: Buy less, toss-out more.
This goal was motivated by having to pack up my kitchen, baths, and several closets into boxes in preparation for a major remodel. This effort is like packing up for a move, except the boxes are just going into to my garage and then coming back into the house in 2 (or maybe 3?) months. It makes sense to reduce the amount that I have to pack, and last week I started targeting excess appliances, electronics, clothes, linens, kitchenware, books, and more, and arranged for a charity to pick them up. There wasn’t enough room in their vehicle for everything, so they’re coming back in a week. Which gives me more time to add stuff to the pile. I’ve also been filling my trash bins with junk. This goal has a firm deadline, will take about 12 days to accomplish, and I’m more than half-way done.

3rd January goal: Eat plant-based meals.
Related New Year’s Resolution: Eat organic/heart healthy/bone healthy/high fiber foods.
I’m having a harder time with this goal. I still like to have animal-based protein with my dinner. And, dairy is a tough thing to wean myself off of, especially milk in coffee/tea, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese. I’m not optimistic about 100% success in becoming vegan, but I am bound to develop better eating habits by the end of this month.


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