A Bit of Book Love

This week we are supposed to talk about the books we have read so far in 2017. I have to admit that I have bought a few books so far, but haven’t opened one of them! Gosh, this seems like such a horrible admission, since they have all been purchases for work, but I am feeling like I must tell the truth.

Upon reflection, there has been a subtle shift. A couple of decades ago I would read a book a month or at least 10 a year. I loved Oprah’s book club and was a regular at Barnes and Noble. I would have book shelves full of books and would reread my favorites. Then slowly that turned into a book about every other month. And now we are here, today – four months in and no book.

Also, 20 years ago, air travel was so different. I would read on a plane, like most other passengers that weren’t watching the one and only movie that was being offered. Today I have a wide range of choices, like movies, television shows, internet (so I can work), or do other things online that will just suck up time.

So yes, I do still have a love for books and this was a lovely reminder. Time to start reading!

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