Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Hot Summer Days = Sunscreen and H2O

LaFitterina: Glorious Summer is upon us, and that means lots more sun and sweat! It also means that two things become even more important: sunscreen and water!

sunscreen_waterOur skin is vital — it protects us, so let’s protect it, and slather on that sunscreen. You’re not conjuring up some lame excuse for not using sunscreen, are you? “Feels greasy” . . . “Don’t like the smell” . . . “Wearing a hat is just as effective” . . . “I always forget” . . . NO EXCUSES! Look for products that are broad spectrum, high SPF (at least 30), containing natural ingredients.

Keeping our insides hydrated is also vital — drink plenty of water and other good liquids. A good guideline for water intake is half your body weight in ounces. So, 130 lbs. means 65 oz. (about a ‘half gallon’!) — adjust for your weight accordingly. Bonus: drinking lots of water promotes weight loss!

When applying sunscreen and consuming water, I hope you agree that there can never be ‘too much of a good thing’!

Perspiration with a Pinch of Inspiration

Ms. Bockle: I really do try to have a positive attitude about housework. When I mentioned to a friend of mine how it helped to burn calories, she agreed, and then said, “But it’s so unpleasant.”

Part of my job is to clean a rather large home, and I’ve finally got it down to taking only (ONLY?) 5.5 hours. The first time I tackled the task, it took me 7 hours, and I could barely stand up straight as I staggered to my car at the end of the day. A couple weeks ago, I thought I’d keep track of the number of times I went up and down the stairs, thinking that it would keep me motivated: “It’s almost like going to the gym and being on a stair-master!” I lost track after the 15th time.

I should feel satisfied, then, that I was able to work up a sweat, had my workout, burnt some calories, and increased my level of fitness. All true. I’ll try to remember that when it’s time to do it all again next week, and aim for that positive attitude toward house-work-out. It’s not necessarily a futile effort if it yields healthy results, right?

Your Present is Your Future

Mizzfit: A few years ago I came across this good saying, I don’t remember where, and it stuck to my brain like a hard to peel off label. For the longest time I thought it meant that if you were having a crap time of it, then you should be expecting more ick to land on you soon. But, in the good library on Tuesday I had a change of heart. Certainly, if I continue on as I always have, nothing will change, but if I think of the future as only moments away it makes it much easier to change the present in small increments. So, my fellow peeps, make your present a livable haven to carve out lovely bits and then share the best pieces.
Your present is your future

Spontaneous Beachy Day

St. Swartz: tillyjones_hasebeachThis morning I ditched my yoga class for a beach hike with my salty sea bitch, Tilly Jones. The light here in Hawaii is brilliant and this morning was no exception. The sky was clear but for barely there clouds that scudded across the blue. Tilly was bounding and bouncing with energy- I kept up okay. I love switching up my routine.  Spontaneous. That was my word today. After my walk with ‘The Jones’ I arranged to meet a friend that I hadn’t seen in quite some time at yet another beach location for the afternoon. We swam and lazed and caught up, not a shabby afternoon.

spontaneous_beachy_dayI tied up my day with a big fat bow. I met my running partner of some years at the boat ramp- another beach location. And we ran around the Lanikai loop. As we came in for our last stretch with the sun sinking behind the Ko’olaus, it began to rain. My friend asked if I wanted to stop, no ways, running in the rain is a favourite. The smell of rain on the road, that cool slick feeling of your skin, and just that simple joy of all those sensations happening in that moment – flip your palms up, tilt your face a little, breathe deep and be so grateful for this perfect ending to such a day.


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