2015– For the Love of Yoga

When we moved to Arlington my routine of daily yoga halted. I walked the dog and called that my workout for the day. I was in bad shape mentally and physically, and I didn’t much care. By June I was ready to get back in the game and found a yoga studio a couple blocks from our building. It was interesting to begin again, my body was obviously not in the same shape but I have deep grooves of muscle memory and so much asana knowledge, I slipped back into a daily routine with supreme ease.


The yoga I was practicing was not as challenging as my beloved yoga studio in Hawaii. When I went back for a visit in September my first vinyasa class was a joy and tough. I spent that month in Hawaii yogering, hiking and cycling around Kailua. By months end I was hitting all those yoga notes with verve, and cycling to and from class as well. It was glorious.

Back on the mainland and I again abandoned my yoga. But that month back in Kailua I learned that I can begin again and again. My love for yoga doesn’t wane when I’m not sun saluting or standing on my head.

We recently learned that our new house in Lithuania will be spacious– fingers crossed for a quiet spot for my mat so that I may: inhale urdhva hastasana, exhale uttansana…

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