Christmas — To Be or Not To Be?


When I was a kid, this time of year was always complicated as my family couldn’t decide whether or not they were going to celebrate Christmas. Maybe that was our holiday tradition – anxiety and disappointment — a little bit of flip-flopping between will we or won’t we. After leaving home there were many years where I was either working, deployed, alone or all three – so the holiday season was simply winter and Christmas a regular day — and I didn’t know enough to be disappointed. Yes, you guessed it, Christmas is on the menu this week!


In the last few years there have been some standard tree, presents, dinner, family get togethers that have become my best Christmas memories. What with our family being spread out to the antipodes it’s a rare occasion for us to be under one roof, and that was always the best gift in the house, seeing those much-missed faces. Turns out, the best memories form when me and my peeps say yes to celebrating, yes to new traditions, yes to a break with the past, yes to crazy shenanigans, yes to making hay while the sun still shines, yes to walking in San Francisco while the rain still falls.

So, may your house be filled with excitement this week before Christmas – may there be a happy build-up to the day, and 3 cheers for making your own shiny and new traditions – whether they happen on a beach or in a bear-filled forest…


[Img.Src: Santa, Tree, Victorian Card]

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