The Importance of Tea

In this crazy turbulant world we need all the bolstering we can get, and one of the major pillars of civilization is the morning beverage. Why is it important to start the day right with your favorite cuppa joe in hand? Why do we savor the aroma of coffee percolating or the light fragrance of tea on the brew? Well, this week we’re sharing our answers to these questions and more.

I drink about eight cups of tea a day. Forget about glasses of water, eugh, never been a fan of hydrating that way. I don’t know what I would do if my tea was withheld in the morning, probably turn into one righteously grumpy bear, and attack. Putting on the kettle is the first thing I do every day – within ten minutes my first cup of green tea is sitting ready to go. There’s one by my elbow right now: drink me.


The History of Tea

Don’t worry I won’t list dates, conquerors, genetic lines, variations or mutations — ’cause we all know tea has been around for donkey’s ages. It’s one of the constants in human history. Look at Roman or Greek murals, there’ll be a teacup in there somewhere. And in cave paintings too. What’s so revolutionary about tea? Well, it’s affordable, for one. And secondly, tea rituals make the world go round. Had a shock? – have a cup of tea. Have a family reunion? – drink lots of cups of tea. Visiting a new and confusing place? – find a cup of tea. Starting a new relationship? – definitely see if they are tea drinkers.

If there’s one thing I know it’s that tea makes my day better. Its constancy is my life-raft. So, thank-you to that first Neanderthal for experimenting with dried plant leaves and hot water – you rock, yo.

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