Assessing Those Bad Habits

A self assessment of bad habits. BLEGH. I went through and read definitions of some great words that describe what keeps me from getting going. Once I do get going, I stick to my routine like white on rice. I can recall times passed where I ran daily, 25 to 30 miles a week. My yoga habit was a religion- it was all I talked, thought and dreamt of. It’s as though once the stars align- then I’ll shag ass outta bed and out the house, no problem. A shift of those aligned stars will knock me off my orbit, out of whack I slip into my wonderful list of words: ennui, dispassion, indifference, dissatisfaction, lassitude, tedium, indolence and my new fav- acedia: spiritual or mental sloth. I’m delighted by all the great words that describe my apathy.


Waking up every morning and not giving a rat’s backside about a healthy moving routine is my bad habit. It leads to other bad habits- wine, chocolate bars, yummy French cheeses- (which are super cheap here) and hours of TV. None of which are truly satisfying. I’m finding my way out though- putting on music instead of the TV. Practicing yoga a little this week with the help of yogaglo (an online yoga membership with a plethora of classes). And getting out with the hound for walks.

Bad habits are hard to break, and I have to eat all the chocolate in the house before I commit 100%.

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