6 Essential Steps to Keep Control

Right now, the 2 feet of space in front of me is littered with napkins, newspapers, magazines, notepad, to-do lists, pens, Starbucks giftcard, a business card, thank you card (still to be written, overdue), camera memory card, and a box of InstaCloth tablets. Many other surfaces in my house are similarly messy. I’m terrible at keeping things pristine. I’m constantly trying to neaten-up (or at least thinking about it), but to no avail. And yet, I’ve always thought of myself as an organized person.

I honestly wish I could tell you what I do to minimize the feeling that my life is chaotic; but honestly, there’s absolutely no way I should be giving advice on how to eliminate chaos. Instead, I’ll list the half dozen daily routines that are essential to making me believe my life has a semblance of order and I’m in control. These daily habits are done routinely, without too much resentment, almost without thinking.


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