Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


It’s Raining Cats & Dogs Around Here

LaFitterina: It has been raining steadily here for hours and hours, which is something one should expect during our winter season, but which hasn’t happened for the last few years. Precipitation (or, if you will, Perspiration) is pouring down from the heavens. It seems that our wishes/prayers and rain dances have worked, and we have dodged another California drought.


I spent the morning out in the worst of the storm (naturally), trying to deflect the water away from the house, stapling a tarp to the back wall, and raking muck from the curb so there was a clear drainage path to the sewer down the street. I got soaked and felt quite cleansed/refreshed. It was inspirational to be out in the elements and reveling in nature’s sweat, working oh-so-hard but realizing how little I could do to counter-act the rainfall.

Running in the Rain is a Do!

Mizzfit: Thursday’s run was rather epic in that I was drenched within 5 minutes of stepping out the door – and the fun didn’t stop there. Running in the rain gives me a jolt of energy which I definitely needed to dodge large puddles and mucky piles of debris. My feet were wet very quickly and would get wetly warm squish squish, and then get a cold zing from another undodgeable puddle.


Coming from a country with recurring droughts my family loves the rain and celebrates it in myriads of ways – so an hour and a bit out in it was my love letter to the rain-filled clouds. The town’s water department crews were out declogging the storm drains in order to protect homes from the flash flood, and when talking to them I found they too loved the rain. I got to peek into the largest runoff creek/drain and it was at 4 feet high, what a rush to see all that surging swirling water headed out to the bay. 2 thumbs up for running in the rain! And wouldn’t it be remiss of me to not share a little Gene Kelly?

[Img.Src: Surging Waters]

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