Into the Wild Woods We Go

This week we’re reporting from the wild side, journeying into the dark and twisted nature of…the woods. Yep– redwoods, ferns, dogwoods, maples, conifers, creeks, trilliums, trails, etc. Oftentimes we have to drive to find the last intact wildish nature in which we can disport ourselves a little more freely than in suburbia. So let’s go.


Bears, that’s what I wanted to see on my last lengthy hike on North American shores. It was a few years ago in a large redwood preserve and we all wanted to see bears, well, almost all of us. The trail was long and winding and the sky was a million miles away, tucked behind the tops of tall tall trees. Behind every bend in the trail was a bear, we hoped, so every rustle earned a whip around of the head or a dead stop while we checked for more noise. Nope, we were all alone in the quiet quiet woods.

I’m not brave enough to face the woods alone, blame it on too many books and movies about people doing dark deeds in woodsy places, ahem Deliverance, so I’m always glad to be a part of a trail-walking group. And it’s true what they say how being in nature recharges your batteries, something about those standing trees, so solid in their groves, doing what they’re meant to be doing – it’s reassuring. I highly recommend it, especially if there are bears involved.

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