A Consistent Approach to Healthy Living

Part of my daily routine is taking a handful of vitamin and mineral pills. Not trusting the makers of those multi-vitamins, I concoct my own mixture with the hope that I know what I’m doing:

C — helps guard against catching a cold
B100 — for sheer energy
Flaxseed oil — recommended for my eyes, good for the heart too
Calcium — strong bones and teeth
E — supposed to help with being old and post menopausal
Magnesium — helps the calcium to be absorbed and is supposed to work with balancing out any anti-inflamatories that come my way.

Course I’ve heard the argument that all of the above are useless and just get discarded at the end of the day as waste products, but for me it’s like a good luck charm, just in case I’m run down, suffering from sleep deprivation, or in case my diet didn’t contain the right amount of goodness.


Speaking of food: One would find my kitchen stocked with fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins + all the spices and condiments to throw in for taste. I’d be content, say, to get my calcium intake from gnawing on oxtail and drumstick bones—behind closed doors—but wouldn’t be too certain whether the right amount of calcium would be going into my bones and teeth. Hence the pill.

I’d say I’m in fairly good health —a 6.5 out of 10— and that I do my part to keep strong; part of the reason is to improve the quality of life and to be able to function without pain. Function being more than lying in bed and staggering about the house. Now, we’ve all heard all sorts of ailments that can be improved upon, or even made to disappear, through diet and exercise. The lack of exercise punched me in the back last week. One would think that after all these decades I’d be consistent in my approach.

Recently I let the walking and the YOGA take a back seat for about 10 days. The result? Spasms up and down my back, an inability to move without debilitating pain, and an unwelcome visit to the doctor.

My go-to remedy at this very moment? Sit with ice on my back, relax, think about future sunrises, and be better equipped to begin again tomorrow. Tweak that solution, add that remedy, and don’t forget to sit up straight, shoulders back.

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