Increase the Fun Quotient

Writing about ‘fun’ is not very fun. Here’s what I like to tell people about me and fun: “I have a low fun quotient” — this has met with some blank stares, although people with high I.Q’s (like our readers) will get the gist. Similar to I.Q., the enjoyment of fun must surely vary with people. I’m inclined to cut my losses when I’m having fun, and call it quits early-on. Too much of a good thing, etc. . .

I’ve been trying to think about what ‘fun’ really means, and it’s like trying to define the word ‘nice’. Amorphous and subject to opinion. Probably the word ‘fun’ should be avoided in favor of more precise lexicon.

girlsanddollsKID: Fun times playing with my best friend Marcia — I went to her house almost every day because she had better toys than me and a cool mom — we played paper dolls, watched Mickie Mouse Club, etc. Also, fun times with my Sister — most memorably playing house and “pretend” with our dolls, a backyard playhouse, card-table “tents” covered with blankets, making loom-woven potholders, reading comic books, roller skating, playing “school” (fun for me because I was the teacher and made her follow my lesson plans).

coupleADOLESCENCE: Swimming, shopping, sewing, and activities with girlfriends (primarily talking about boys).

COLLEGE: Figuring out ways to get boys to ask me out, and going out with said boys.


womanandtv30’s & BEYOND: I suppose I am supposed to say that my pursuit of fitness, health, and thinness is ‘fun’, but that would be a total lie. My primary fun activity for the latter half of my life would have to be described as “mindless TV” — yes, I have come full circle from watching Mickie Mouse Club –> to watching the American average of about 5 hours/day. What makes it ‘fun’ for me is being able to record my favorite stuff (movies, reality, etc. . . ), fast-forwarding through commercials, and deleting anything that is un-fun.

My life currently is fun, but not in the childhood/carefree sense. It’s fun in the sense of not having to go to work and calendar entries reflecting an easy life: Monday – Movie 2:45PM; Wednesday – Massage 3:00PM; Friday – Botox 4:15PM; Saturday – Spray Tan 2:00PM. That’s my idea of a continuum of fun.

Certainly, increasing my fun quotient sounds like an intriguing goal worth pursuing — Hoping that MoveGirlGO will provide the inspiration!

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