My New Body in 2015— so Far

Since this year has been going by at a rather brisk clip, I’ll use that as my excuse for not being on the ball with following through with my New Year’s Resolutions to get a new body. It feels as though I just wrote down my goals for 2015 last week, or last month—surely not LAST YEAR!!

My report on myself? The results are fair to middling—and how is that working for me?

Not so much.

Even realizing that a steady, consistent form of exercise would alleviate the pain experienced from said movement, I’m still not attaining any consistency.


I spoke to myself this evening, saying: Even 5 years ago you were not experiencing the kind of pain you’re so aware of now, (my foot, my knees, my groin, oh my) and what is the difference? Not that you’re 5 years older, darling. Don’t use age as an excuse. It’s your lifestyle, your activity level. You’ve got yourself a Fitbit, people all around to encourage you, so let’s grab onto the ability to walk while you’ve got the chance, and get out there and do it before you have to use a walker or get pushed around in a wheel barrow/chair.

Here are some short-term achievable goals:

  • I’ve got the latest seasonal copy of our district’s activities for spring—and so have that as a reminder to try something new: line dancing on Saturday mornings.
  • I’m signing up for some personal training sessions at my local gym.
  • I’m getting started with physical therapy to address the pain.
  • Time to use the Fitbit to my advantage and increase my steps by the week. I like to walk, so there’s no reason not to reach my goal; I could try including some slight inclines so that I may someday—once more—attempt Mt. Diablo. That would be a hugely WOW accomplishment.

I live in hope for the right now, tomorrow and next week; please check by in April.

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