Nice Gear = Yoga More Often

I’ve not had favorite workout gear in the past, and not in the present neither. It’s not that I don’t like what I wear while I increase my heart rate or work up a sweat or both–it’s just not something I’ve given much thought, nor spent much bucks on. When I work out at the gym I usually wear an old tee shirt over some leggings–cropped or long, bought at TJMaxx or Goodwill.


Once, when getting ready for a visit to Hawaii–where my introduction to yoga was on the cards–I went to TJMaxx and acquired some cropped yoga pants of an ‘x-brand’ nature. Actually, I really liked the look and feel and thought at the time I could change my image and start to wear them frequently–and maybe even work out more often.

If I were to select one pair from my eclectic collection of ‘yoga’ pants, it’d be the ones given to me–Lululemon specials. They’ve got just the right look and even make me feel fit and trim. Unfortunately–for the neighbors and any passersby–I’ve not checked them out for any indecent revelations of my nether regions or striped panties. However, I’ve read and therefore believe, that Lululemon has addressed the overexposure issue. Someone should inform that cyclist I passed on the road the other day about the see-through quality of some of the gear out there–which could cause traffic jams, or maybe even road rage.

[Img.Src: Black Sand Beach, 1973]

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