What Possibilities Will April Yield?

Eyeing my e-Calendar for April, it looks a lot less hectic than March which was a month crowded with tax prep, meetings, dinners, outings, appointments, chores, errands, home repairs, and other craziness (not to mention 25 workout sessions at the Gym). So, with that gruelsome (my new word) month behind me, I embrace April with a sigh of relief.

Allow me to brainstorm with myself as to what I hope that the month of April will yield . . .

  • How about an April of maximum pampering, with appointments focusing on such things as massages, pedicures, facials, air-brush tanning, hair, and shopping excursions.
  • How about an April of minimal cooking (since I find cooking to be a loathsome chore). I’ll start the month off by fixing a gigantic batch of soup — mostly plant-based, mostly organic — and freezing it in containers. With some imaginative stretching it could last for the duration.
  • How about an April spent envisioning new landscaping and taking some steps towards replacing my lawn with native drought-resistant plantings and overhauling the sprinkler system.


  • How about an April spent planning some dream vacations.

Every new month offers endless possibilities, but most especially April, with its tranquil onset of Spring and promises of blissful renewal.

[Img.Src: Germain Seed and Plant Co. Cacti, 1903]

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