Shoot the Moon Goals

power_buttonNormally, my exercise patterns don’t change with the weather, except for the obvious Summer sluggishness caused by steaming hot weather. Oh, and of course there’s the Winter inclination to huddle indoors, eat comfort food, go into hibernation. Maybe I should admit that, no matter what the time of year, my body likes to be in resting-mode a whole lot better than exercise-mode. But thankfully, my body seems more than willing to kick into gear when I hit the Power button.

30days_changeI guess it never hurts to revisit fitness goals, and the idea of devising particular goals for just the upcoming month of November is intriguing. It wouldn’t hurt (well, actually, it probably would hurt, but only in a ‘good way’) if I really tried to shoot for the moon in November.

Here is what my list of November goals might look like, if I got serious about amping up my routine:

  • 30 workouts in 30 days.
  • Total weekly workout time no less than 10 hours.
  • Take 2 back-to-back classes once a week.
  • Try one new class (or new Gym) once a week.
  • Concentrate on healthy eating — mainly plant-based foods, daily vitamin/mineral supplements, no alcohol.
  • Not even an ounce of weight gain.
  • No excuses, no make-ups.

But, that’s just a plan that came into my head extemporaneously — I’m not ready to commit because it’s way too daunting. I have another week or so before November kicks in, and by then I’ll probably be inclined to pick just one or maybe two of these goals. Or, another option is that I’ll just go into early hibernation.


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