A Spandex-Filled Summer

It’s a lot more interesting to shop for workout gear now compared to the offerings of the past, don’t you think? And we’re not talking a hundred years ago either. Even ten years ago materials were different, styles not as edgy, the fit not as good – it’s pretty amazing, this active apparel transformation. It’s as if the companies shilling spandex finally realized women wanted more flattering, durable and breathable gear. So this week we’ll be sharing our favorite summer workout gear, and what makes it better than the old kit.

Do y’all remember those battle-ax sports bras, you know, lots of material, gave everyone flat chests? Super flattering, and definitely not hard to breathe in. Thank goodness the designs have changed. My last experience sports bra shopping was light years ahead of my first one – no miniature straight-jackets in sight.


What makes a sports bra better?

First of all, the fit. Hello, I like to breath while running, not feel my lungs constricted to half capacity. Also, no bouncing around for the girls, as we all know, that’s no fun either. No matter what size, A to DD, any bouncing is too much.

Second of all, the material. Thanks to new and amazing fabrics there’s less chaffing and more sweat evaporation. Yes, a sports bra still wins the prize for the sweatiest piece of gear, but it works harder to shed that water-weight while I’m running. Cheers to that.

And thirdly, the look. Perhaps the most obvious change in sports bra design. The straps now come in many iterations, from original to skinny – something for everyone.  And the body of the bra is no longer a mini shirt, some of the designs are quite pretty and flattering.

However, let’s say thanks to those past designs that enabled thousands of women to exercise without causing breast saggage. We’ve come a long way since then and now we’re happier while running, biking, hiking and stair-stepping.

[Img.Src: 1980s JogBra]

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