Walking Solo Is Easy…

I’m mostly a solo exerciser, but am not certain how that came about, whether by chance or choice: it’s all to do with timing and comfort levels. My erratic schedule and a problem with commitment could play a part in my mode of operation.

aerobics_dancersDecades ago I was part of a small group of people who met in the evenings at a local school. We were led by an energetic woman who used just one tape to keep us moving—and it was great to feel confident and be able to move (after several sessions) with just as much energy as our instructor.

walking_milesRunning just doesn’t work for me— it didn’t decades ago when I was encouraged to run with a friend— but walking certainly does. Whether it’s in the woods, a park, around a lake, up and down city streets— walking is fantastic. I used to go for miles and miles, but now? Now I need to work on making the trips longer and the pace faster, without avoiding the hills, until I can go for miles and miles again. I walk on my own, for the most part. I do admire people who can go jogging or walking while carrying on a conversation, but I need all my oxygen for breathing.

About 10 years ago I had membership in a gym, but didn’t take advantage of the classes offered there. The very first time I went on my own, my heart was racing before I even got out of my car, as I was totally out of my comfort zone. My workouts there were solo— consisting of moving from one set of machines to another, finishing with a session in the steam room.

yoga_classI’m certain it would be beneficial to join a yoga class— for instruction on improvement, discovering different moves, giving and receiving support and encouragement from others. What’s keeping me from making that a part of my choices for working out? A matter of organizing my schedule to include the time, place and the group, and just maybe adjusting my comfort zone.

So, what keeps me going on my own? I guess I’m at peace with myself, and have established a routine that works: I’ve got a special spot where I can throw down my mat, place my weights to the side, put on some music, stare out the window at my garden and get moving with some yoga. And no apologies when I fart. Whoopsie, was that me?

And walking solo is easy: put on the takkies and head out the door, choosing the time, direction and the duration. Noting to self along the way— breathe, pick up the pace, don’t slow down up that hill, keep those bum muscles tight, observe the surroundings, go down that new road, and don’t get lost.


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