Workout Equipment Tryouts

Seems like we’re always talking about starting something ‘new.’ Trying something new can infuse some anticipatory excitement into our lives. It’s also a way to escape negative feelings that we’re doing something wrong, or what we’re doing isn’t working for us, or we’re not optimizing.

Probably we’ve all dreamed that there’s some new piece of equipment that we can start using in the comfort of our homes that will magically achieve our fitness dreams quickly and easily. Here are 3 real-life examples:

Years ago, I got a hand-me-down trampoline, with the vision that I would run in place, jump, twist, etc. — sounds like fun, right? Nope, it wasn’t anywhere close to being fun or effective. End Result: Trampoline  >>> Goodwill


Then, I got a hand-me-down stationary bike and thought I would be induced to work-out like crazy while watching TV. Somehow, for some reason, I rarely got on that bike despite the hours I spent watching TV. End Result: Bike  >>> Goodwill


About a year ago when I attended a 2-day Pilates Workshop, I got a Stretch-Eze Resistance Band — a “revolutionary tool” to stretch and strengthen. Never took it out of its bag. End Result: Stretch-Eze  >>> Goodwill

Thank goodness I didn’t spend a bunch of money on this stuff. I’m done thinking that some new wacky apparatus will induce me to workout at home.

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