I Love Sleeping!

Last week, I replaced my mattress and box springs, which should be done every decade I think. I instantly fell in love with my wonderful new bed — it’s perfect, and not outrageously expensive.

Sleep is a high priority for me. Sleep is key to longevity. Sleep is part of the triad of good health, along with proper eating/maintaining ideal weight and adequate exercising/muscle building/stretching.

I used to be a really good sleeper, sleeping many hours without awakening. But with the new millennium came more broken-up sleep, with several trips to the loo. I still manage to get in an average of 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. My schedule allows me to awaken naturally, only occasionally requiring an alarm to be set.

Here are some steps to ensure I’m not sleep-deprived:
— Drink very little caffeine, and never after noon.
— Start getting ready for bed about the same time each night, around 10:30.
— Apply moisturizing lotions to face, feet, hands.
— Wear a night guard (prevents teeth grinding), eye-mask, and earplugs.
— If it’s cold, use a foot warmer (microwaveable).

I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep; but, on those rare occasions that it seems impossible to get to the sleep state, I’ll take a small sip of ZZZquil or 1/2 of a Simply Sleep pill, sending me to dreamland almost instantly.

Other final hints for a peaceful night’s sleep:
— Fresh sheets seem to bring sleep more quickly.
— Invest in a high-end mattress pad and a cushy topper.

Sweet Dreams!

[Img.Src: New Mattress.]

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