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With a Little Help from My Friends

FitnessFlirter: I found some quotes to help jump start my 2016. I thought that I would share…


Reasonable Goals Ahead

LaFitterina: Like so many other people, my weight crept up^up^up^ over the Holidays. Whereas each day seemed to be another opportunity to reduce both my food intake and weight, instead both continued to rise. I blame it on the Holiday largesse of food, combined with my crazy craving for sweets and my inability to pass up food that is there for the taking. “Free” food is anything but FREE — when will I ever learn that?

The New Year, however, presents the perfect time to get back to weight-loss mode. Below I’ve outlined some key components which increase the success rate for a weight-loss New Year’s Resolution, along with my plans for implementation:

Make the goal reasonable:  My goal is to get back to my lowest 2015 weight — obviously that’s do-able, right?

Establish quantifiable progress points:  Lose 1 pound per week.

Keep a diary/journal:  I’ll use the MyFitnessPal App on my phone to record food intake and exercise — perfect for keeping me honest.

Be accountable:  My nutritionist will be monitoring my food/exercise journal and my weight-loss progress.

Share with others:  With this post, I’ve gone public with my intentions.

Starting Off Golden

Mizzfit: In order to start my new habit of meditation I had to create another new habit of setting the alarm earlier and putting it out of immediate reach of the bed. Cold mornings encourage snoozing, and that’s no way to kick off 2016 – so, if getting out of bed and walking to turn off the alarm is what gets me up and on to meditating, let’s do it! Here from a Victorian-era English preacher are words that make some sense at the start of our new year:


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