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Summer Mid-Year Resolutions

LaFitterina: It’s 4th of July, so there’s no denying that patriot toy 1Summer is here! Summer is a great time to get your fitness groove on — no excuses about it being too cold to go outside for a run/jog/walk/swim. Also, Summer is a great time to eat lighter and healthier, embracing the abundant seasonal fruits and veggies, eschewing (anti-pun) those heavy comfort foods that make Winter-time more bearable (hibernation pun).

What do New Year’s and 4th of July have in common? Both are celebrated with Fireworks! So, what better time than 4th of July to renew our New Year’s Resolutions. Or, make some New Mid-Year Resolutions! Summer offers the biggest reward for keeping your resolutions to workout more/eat less/lose weight/tone up/etc.: You get to confidently display your healthy body in skimpy clothing (Red, White & Blue for the Holiday). Celebrate your body!

Happy Independence Day!

Ms. Bockle: Over the last 10 or so years, celebrating the 4th of July took on new meaning for me. No, it wasn’t because I suddenly developed a love of fireworks or hot dogs. It was all due to being with someone who loved to invite people over, serve up all sorts of great feasties, and then end the evening with a long walk to watch the local fireworks—whilst sitting on some strangers’ front lawn.

patriot toy 2We invited friends from high school, work, the local gallery, as well as select members of our family. As part of the tradition, I would design elaborate invitations—sending them out a couple weeks in advance. If I was late in getting the invitations organized, we’d be prompted by friends: Aren’t you going to hold the 4th celebration this year?

We’d prepare endless snacks, salads, sometimes even homemade dinner rolls, every kind of meat to BBQ that one could think of, all the fixings to go with them—and of course there was always a keg of beer to share.

Thinking back, I’m not sure what my favourite part of the day was—the prep, the eating, the talking, the walking, or the watching of fireworks, or just plain being surrounded by lovely people. One special memory stands out: One year when my daughter was visiting us with her boys, and the fireworks show came to an end, she turned to the man who made the whole event possible, gave him a big hug and said, “I just love you, Mike.”

Happy 4th of July, Peeps

Mizzfit: Coming from a different country I’ve never felt celebratory on any American holidays, even after living here for many years. I know, I’m missing out, right? I don’t know why they’ve not been able to gain a foothold on my heart, but there you go. However, I know this day is a biggie, so please have a good time with your families and don’t get too crazy with them fireworks!

How bout a wee bit of patriotism?

St. Swartz: Living on a military base I’m surrounded by patriot toy 3serious patriots. And this holiday is no joke. Colours worn proudly by adults and children alike. Personally, this holiday is just another excuse to be with friends and family eating and drinking and enjoying all my freedoms. But running on base a couple of mornings ago before the sun was up I was put in mind of what more this holiday could mean to me, as I felt… holy shit…a little patriotic.

I happened to run by 7 marines running in full b.d.u.s, packs on their backs and rifles slung around their necks. I found their hard, dedicated work at staying so fit and battle ready inspiring. I’d been so puffed up on my getting out of the house to run at 5:30am. They humbled me. They work extremely hard for their ideals and serving this nation. You may have issues with war, battle, and you may find their ideals and values misguided. I’m not making a case for any side today. I’m just writing about my personal observation and thoughts on one aspect of patriotism that I think, while brutal, very heart wrenching. I feel honored to share the pavement, trails and roads on this marine base with men and women who serve. Happy Independence Day.


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