Little Acts of Bravery

During the average human life span there might be one or two moments that call for Hollywood-style heroic bravery, maybe. It could be that we go our whole lives with no-one needing us for a brave rescue. So, this week we share our thoughts on how much courage is woven into our lives– what it takes to be brave.

I’ve decided to scale back my definition of bravery to a more personal level, to think about my own life, and what actions call for courage. Instead of a futile search for valor or daring, I’m looking for situations to break out my reserves of pluck and nerve: second cousins of bravery.

I believe there’s a tipping point where my pluck manages to overbalance my fear, and zoop:

I sign up for the Bay to Breakers 12K race;
I face the reality of debt, and pay my bills;
I take that new job, and face new territory;
I call the doctor, schedule a check-up;
I go to that new class at the gym/yoga studio.

Everyone’s reality is different, calling for many acts of fearlessness every single day – sure, they might be minor acts, but don’t marginalize them. After all, pluck, nerve and a little daring shape us into never before seen versions of our good selves.

[Img.Src: Woman Taking the Plunge, 1925.]

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