Simply Grateful


When I think about the simple things in life, it is usually those things that are on my list of gratitude. Here’s my simple gratitude list for 2015:

G – Goosebumps – Goosebumps are a wonderful, unexpected signal from the spirit to the body that something special is happening or better yet, about to happen. I love goosebumps.
R – Revitalization at the gym – I like the variety of classes, but I am most thankful for the times that I just sit in the lobby and sip tea.
A – Affirmations – I say them to myself throughout the day. Here are a couple of my fav’s: “I am in perfect health and I am happy.” “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good.”
T – Time with family – I love family game night and laughing until my cheeks hurt!
I  – Investing in Me – Reading, seminars, or classes – they all feed my mind and soul.
T – Tidying up – I have been systematically reducing the clutter and excess around my house. Letting go of extra papers and the overflow of clothes has felt like a heavy weight lifted off of my back.
U – Unwind through meditation – My daily meditation / prayer practice has been so rewarding. Some days it is a quick 5 minutes; other days I indulge more time.
D – Doggie time – most mornings my yellow lab hops up on the bed and we have cuddle time. All 95 pounds of him urges me to wake up and pet him. I love this morning ritual.
E – Eating fresh – Cooking with fresh ingredients has delighted my palate. Simple and fresh seem to keep my appetite inspired.

This last year our world has changed so much. The simple pleasures in life and being grateful for them helps keep me focused on the positive.

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