2016 – A Rollercoaster Year

As I reflect back on this year, if I am totally honest, it felt a bit like a rollercoaster. I gained some weight this year and then I lost some weight. I trusted my intuition, then I doubted myself, and now I am slowly gaining confidence again. I went to a new gym and adopted a new routine at the beginning of the year; then I went back to my old gym and my regular routine. Now I wish I had a gym routine!


That’s life, isn’t it? We go through changes, sometimes faced with an obstacle, and if we are lucky, we get to have a reason to celebrate. This last year reminded me how to forgive myself for making mistakes, how to speak up for myself (and others) in a positive way, and that kindness can always be a choice. Throughout the year I did my best to remain grateful for all that I have in my life: my friends and family, my health, and all of the lessons that I have learned this year.

There are so many reasons to celebrate and be grateful this holiday season. As I look to the New Year, I think that the most important part is to keep moving forward. I am sure 2017 will be amazing!

[Img.Src: Central Park Rollercoaster, 1910.]

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